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The HP EliteOne 1000 G1 All-In-One Means Business

Alongside announcing two new EliteBook PCs, HP also made official the EliteOne 1000 G1 AIO, which is designed as an all-in-one for business users, and comes with a selection of unique solutions. The company has placed this

HP Announces Powerful New EliteBook PCs

Of the four or five big PC makers around, HP has a handy knack of announcing new PCs all year around. Sure, the company does bring new models to major events, but round the year unveils are

How To Reset An App In Windows 10

Microsoft now allows you to reset an app in Windows 10, if it gets into a bad state. This primarily applies to the default applications that are included in the operating system. Because, you can always reinstall

How To Determine The Account Type In Windows 10

Whenever you set up Windows, you are required to create a user account. An administrator account, rather, one that allows you to set up your PC and install all apps and software programs. However, if you add

How To Find Your Security Identifier (SID) In Windows 10

There may come a time when you need to know the security identifier (SID) for a specific user on your system. Microsoft added this feature in Windows Vista, and it continues to be part of Windows 7,

How To Clean Up Junk Files With Storage Sense In Windows 10

Your PC can quietly fill up with useless junk, without you even knowing where these junk files are scattered. Microsoft introduced the new Storage sense feature for just this purpose. It is not exactly feature rich in

How To Enable Background Scrolling In Windows 10

Took a long time coming, this, but Windows now finally has background scrolling. This handy feature basically allows you to scroll inactive windows when you hover over them. Quite a timesaving option if you are a power

How To Pause Updates In Windows 10

A new addition to Windows 10 is the ability to pause updates, which as the name applies is a handy little feature to briefly halt the process of downloading and installing updates on your PC. You can

How To Turn On File History In Windows 10

You can use File History feature in Windows 10 to automatically back up versions of your files on a schedule to your specified location. It could be any internal or external drive, USB, hard disk, or even

How To Change When Screen Turns Off In Windows 10

Since a screen is the biggest drain on your laptop or tablet battery, Windows 10 automatically turns it off after a set period of time when the device is not in use. You can, of course, modify