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How To Do Color Management In Windows 10

Color management is the controlled conversion of the color representation of different devices. In other words, how hardware like monitors, TVs, scanners, digital cameras, printers display colors. Windows 10, just like previous versions of the operating system,

How To Open File Explorer Options From Control Panel In Windows 10

It’s not every day that the good old Control Panel gets new features in Windows, what with the focus now having shifted to the modern Settings app in Windows 10. In fact, Microsoft is actually moving features

Windows 10 Build 16362 Now Available For Skip Ahead Insiders

If you loved the previous build Microsoft released for the Skip Ahead ring of the preview program, then you will love Windows 10 build 16326 even more. It contains a few new features, and a host of

September Patch Tuesday Updates Here To Fix 81 Vulnerabilities

That’s quite a bunch! The September 2017 Patch Tuesday update cycle is in the air now, with Microsoft taking the time out to fix a whole lot of vulnerabilities in its software and operating platforms. No less

How To Troubleshoot Problems In Windows 10

Windows has always had largely solid wizards that help you troubleshoot problems related to hardware and software in the operating system. And Windows 10 adds an even more helpful touch. Distressed PC users can now find a

How To Disable SmartScreen In Windows 10

The SmartScreen filter technology was initially designed for Internet Explorer to protect users from malicious websites and web applications. But it has now become a part of the operating system itself. Microsoft implemented the SmartScreen feature directly

How To Turn Off File Explorer Quick Access View In Windows 10

When you open File Explorer in Windows 10, it shows the new Quick Access view by default, which lists your most frequently accessed folders and most recently accessed files. Windows 8 offered the This PC view. And

How To Prevent Apps From Using Your Microphone In Windows 10

The microphone is becoming more and more important in Windows 10, and is now being used not just for communication and dictation, but also by Cortana and other apps and services. Sure, it’s not for everyone, talking

How To Disable Apps From Accessing Your Camera In Windows 10

Living in the age of multimedia means that every other software has features built in that can use the camera in your Windows 10 device. Many can, in fact, directly access the webcam or camera. While others

How To Turn Off Apps Sharing In Windows 10

Microsoft is working towards synergy, offering a streamlined experience for Windows users no matter the devices they own. Part of this puzzle is the sharing of apps, and sending messages between them. Basically, letting the other devices