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Rumor: Samsung making bendable Windows Phone

Today on Square Trade’s Facebook page I saw this picture. The interesting thing about seeing this on Square Trade’s page is they are a Warranty company. The only thing that was said about it is “Rumor has

How I would change Desktop Mode in Windows 8

Microsoft Guru Paul Thurrott wrote a series of articles on how he would change Windows 8 (they can be found on his site ).  I thought I’d write one on how I would change the Desktop environment.

This is how Best Buy is handling the Microsoft Surface

Yesterday I went to Best Buy in Sylmar with a friend of mine. She had to take back something and I wanted to look at the Microsoft Surface. Getting there, I go to the PC area (because

Is there room for a third phone OS?

Paul Thurrott wrote an article which gave his opinion why RIM and Windows Phone may not have a chance. I’m going to give my opinion why I think they (at least one of the companies) do have

My issues with Windows 8 on my PC

I had to go back to Windows 7 on my desktop PC. Not because I don’t like Windows 8, but because I was having a freezing issue where I to do a hard reset to be able

Microsoft might be making an Xbox Media Console

According to an article written on TechCrunch, Microsoft might be making a stripped-down version of the Xbox for media and casual games. It’ll run on a stripped-down version of Windows 8 and be an instant on device.

Could Microsoft be scaling up on Windows 8 displays and scaling down on Windows RT?

In an article on Ubergizmo today Tyler Lee wrote  about a rumor that Microsoft might be working on scaling up on Windows Phone 8 devices up to 7” and scaling down on Windows RT devices to as

My thoughts on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone line up

I’d thought I’d write an article on my thoughts of the Windows 8 and Windows Phone lineup. Generally I’m pleased with what I see that’s coming and to both platforms, there are some really nice hardware. There

My two cents on Mark Benioff’s comment that Windows 8 will be the death of Windows

After reading the article that Onuora wrote about what Marc Benioff from said about Windows 8 I had to put my two cents in. I had to re-write the article because at first I was shocked

The possible future of Windows Update

I was reading the story Andrew Grush wrote about the future of Windows upgrades and he brought up some good points. When thinking of updates, upgrades and update numbers though you also have to take into consideration