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Windows 8.1 Worldwide Market Share Is Now Almost At 2%

Nothing beats a little dose of statistics right before the year is about to bid adieu. And for Microsoft the charts that hold the most interest are the ones that show the market share of two of

Check Out Microsoft’s New Website Where Employees Describe Their Life In Redmond

One thing Microsoft has been doing real well these past few years is getting close to users. Whether it is about getting in touch with end consumers via blogs, or by videos, Redmond is up for the

December Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update Pulled Due To Bugs

Microsoft rolled out a new firmware update for its second generation Surface Pro tablet earlier this month, as scheduled, with the intention of improving and optimizing the battery life and performance of its premium slate. But as

Bloomberg Claims Satya Nadella Is Now Very Likely To Become Microsoft CEO

It’s a merry-go-round alright. While insider reports up until now have rather accurately identified the people Microsoft has identified as potential candidates for the vacant CEO position, the question of who is leading the pack is rather

Surface Mini To Sport Features Similar To Kinect, New Report Claims

This could be big! Although many were expecting Redmond to release its smaller tablets alongside the second generation Surface refresh, but it appears the extra wait could be worth the while. Microsoft is already working on a

Microsoft Surface Tablets Reportedly Sold Out Everywhere

One thing Microsoft and friends got absolute right was the sheer variety of special promotional campaigns this Holiday season to boost sales of the Surface lineup of devices. And the end result, it seems, is sheer success.

Bill Gates To Retire Completely Within An Year, Thinks Former Microsoft Engineer

First there were murmurings, and now there is speculation. Reports that came out earlier in the year suggested that some Microsoft shareholders want Bill Gates out of the company. So much so that they were pressurizing the

Report Claims Ford Board Is Pressing Alan Mulally For His Final Decision On Microsoft

I guess it can be said with reasonable assurance that Ford’s board has been more active in the media than the man Microsoft is seeking to replace Steve Ballmer as its next CEO. Alan Mulally, the current

All Versions Of Internet Explorer Receive Critical Security Update

When you hear the words Internet Explore and Critical in one sentence, you just have to stop and take notice. Microsoft’s default web browser is tied deep into all its operating systems. Even if someone is using

Microsoft Reportedly Planning Three Versions Of Windows Threshold

With the cat pretty much out of the bag, several sources are now reporting openly about exactly what sorts of changes Windows Threshold will bring around when it takes flight. There is already talk about the inclusion