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Ballmer: we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft will continue to compete against apple. Speaking at the Partner conference, he said “we are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple.”

New Rumor: Windows 8 RTM to be build 8888?

This week has been full of speculations. Windows 8 RTM is expected to be complied this month and rumors are prevaling that Windows 8 RTM could be shipped with build number 8600. But rumors are also swirling around that Windows

No more desktop gadgets support in Windows 8

Win8china has reported that Desktop gadgets support has been removed from the latest internal builds of Windows 8. While this feature was present in Consumer Preview and Release Preview, it is not expected to be included in

Windows 8 RTM close to being final, reaches Build 8506

Windows 8 RTM is getting closer to being final. Winunleaked reports that the current Build is 8506.Windows 8 RTM is expected be released during the last week of July. A few days ago, Microsoft posted on their

Microsoft confirms, Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost $39.99

Microsoft just revealed that the cost of Windows 8 Pro upgrade from XP, Vista and Widows 7  will be $39.99. This is in a post on the Windows Team Blog. Microsoft confirmed that  if your PC is running

Windows 8 Tip: Restarting Windows Explorer

In Windows 7, there wasn’t an easy way of restarting windows explorer. You were able to kill it and it auto restarted (sometimes) but there was no easy way to just restart it. But with Windows 8,

Windows 8 Tip: Pinning Folders to the start screen

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a whole new start menu experience. The new start menu is just like a dashboard where you can pin alll your favourite apps and folders. In the previous post, I have explained

Windows 8 Tip: Increase or Decrease brightness

With Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new and more easy way of regulating the brightness of your screen. In Windows 7, users had to go to power options in control panel to change the screen brightness.

Windows 8 Tip: Expand the ribbon UI in explorer

Microsoft introduced Ribbon UI in windows explorer in Windows 8. Well, the ribbon was first introduced in Office 2007 despite all the end user hatred of it. Then, Microsoft decided to implent it on it’s other products

Windows 8 Tip: Great keyboard shortcuts Part 1

There are some cool Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8. These keyboard shortcuts make using Windows 8 much easier and efficient than ever before. Here are a few great keyboard shortcuts that will make your life much easier.