Six times more likely to get hacked than users running Windows 7, that is. 20 days now remain before the aging OS reaches end of support, and it is pull-the-trigger-or-risk-everything time right now.

And in order to better illustrate the point, antivirus provider AVAST has just released a cleanly designed Infographic of its very own, talking about how Windows XP is set to become a very vulnerable operating platform soon.

The statistics provided by the security firm in its press release today reveal some interesting internal numbers that the antivirus vendors has collected from users that have installed its solutions.

Sure, these are just estimates based on past data, but this much is sure that Windows XP is inherently less secure than some of the newer versions of Microsoft’s operating systems:

“Our telemetry data shows that XP users are 6 times more likely to get attacked than Windows 7 users and once Microsoft stops issuing patches, this can worsen.

In addition to Windows XP itself being a security risk, Internet Explorer on Windows XP poses an even larger threat. The latest version of the browser available on Windows XP is version 8, making it outdated and lacking a number of security improvements available in its later versions.”

The company further notes that some 21.5 percent of its Windows XP users are running Internet Explorer, which leaves them open to more attacks — Microsoft will also stop providing updates for the supported versions of IE on Windows XP.

Ultimately, the views expressed here are not that much different from what Redmond continues to highlight, and the statistics are also not too far off from what other market research firms put up.

It all comes down to the Windows XP user base now, in this final, final stretch.

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  1. Woah! As if Microsoft needed anything else to make people switch after the numbers that you released today regarding the rise in Windows 7 sales. This news will definitely add another boost to those numbers!

  2. Is this only without the security help or in general? If it’s in general, I’d be amazed. The perception has always been XP is much more secure. Microsoft loves this either way.

    • While I agree that’s the perception, I think logic would say that the newer OS would be safer especially as time moves on and Microsoft pays less attention to older OS.

      • Great point, Wayne. I think there’s perception and reality. While I see Jake’s point that XP is viewed as safer, if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense that Windows 7 is much more secure at this point.

  3. Its true , no one can deny it….

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