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And so my friends, it begins…

In an interview Softpedia had with Ondřej Vlček, the Chief Technology Officer for Avast Software, he revealed that testing involving the next major iteration of the Windows iteration is scheduled to start later this spring.

His quote: “We have something scheduled for this spring. Hopefully we will get our hands on an early build and find out what changes break things, so we can modify the code to be ready when the product ships,”.

According to sources familiar with the Windows 8 development process, information supported by a series of leaks, coding work on Windows vNext Milestone 3 started at the end of February 2011.

Milestone 3 is designed as the last stage in the development of Windows 8 before the operating system will graduate to Beta.

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The move from M3 to Beta is expected sometime in the second half of 2011, with sources claiming that the first public preview of Windows 8 will be offered toward the end of the year.

Most likely, AVAST Software will be receiving access to Windows 8 M3 if they’ll get to start testing this spring,

The odds are that if Avast is getting this Software this Spring, there will be a whole lot of other Microsoft partners getting it too.

Nice to know that we are definitely going to get a glimpse into Windows 8 soon.

Source: Softpedia

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  1. Software vendors getting windows 8 M3 means leaks are likely to happen:D. Lets hope for the best, maybe we can get our hands on windows before it becomes a beta??!

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