Back from Mexico!

I just got back from a trip to Mexico (Guadalajara actually) and a really fantastic wedding.

It was at the Hacienda de San Antonio (3 hours from Guadalajara airport) and it was pretty amazing.

Check out their website here.

As a blogger, it’s imperative that you get a chance to recharge the batteries once in a while and then get right back into it.

The pictures below are actual photos of the property and haven’t been doctored.

I strongly recommend this location for anyone looking for R&R… crazily beautiful.

P.S. LAX is a third world airport. 1.5 hours in Customs..

OK I’m back now…get ready for a stream of Windows 8 news. Lots coming this week…

  • Brian cook

    Dude, I dont believe how beautiful that place looks

  • Sam agu

    Welcome back man! Looking forward to more updates!

  • xinu

    Looks impressive.