It has been a while since we have had one, but the windows Store team at Microsoft has put up a new Back to School subsection in order to showcase several Metro apps, both for parents and students that are heading back to school after the summer break.

This special new section is displayed under the spotlight category in the Windows Store, and like all previous subcategories before this one is here for a limited time only.

The description for this new section reads:

“Summer is almost over, which means the days are getting shorter and it’s almost time to head back to school. Get ready for class with these apps and make this your best year yet.”

The section offers access to a number of shopping tools — many of which have landed on the store in the past few months — including apps like Best Buy, Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, and Digital Folio.

But shopping is not the only focus here. The category provides easy access to several educational apps as well, like Encyclopedia Britannica, OneNote, Advanced English Dictionary, Flashcards Pro, Audible, Algebra Touch and Periodic Table.

The selection is high on quality, as you can imagine, but at the same time an overwhelming majority of the apps on offer come with a freeware license.

And in fact, since hitting the vitally important milestone of 100,000 apps, the overall quality of high profile apps has been on the rise, as developers optimize and enhance their offerings.

For now, though, enjoy this new section and see if there is something you want to download by firing up the Windows Store on your device.

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