Not entirely Windows news, but if it has got to do with Mr. B it is worth reporting.

What a day for Big Ballmer! He started the day in the news where he was criticized more than once (by an analyst and even a former Microsoftie) for the way he manages Microsoft, and ends it again in the news. This time however it is more sports related.

Earlier this month, news outlets reported that Microsoft CEO Ballmer was leading an investment group to buy the Sacrament Kings team and bring it to Seattle.

Now according to ESPN, Steve Ballmer, along with equity manager Christopher Hansen and several other Seattle businessmen have reached an agreement with the Maloof family to purchase the basketball team. The $525 million deal is very close to completion.

Once that is done, the next step would be bringing the team back to Seattle, and adopt the old SuperSonics name for the team again. The new group of investors also intends to build a new arena for home games.

Ballmer’s love for the game of basketball is no secret — he is regularly seen attending matches.

And in case you are curious, Steve Ballmer has more than enough cash on hand to splash as he is ranked 24 in Forbes’ latest billionaires ranking, with a net worth in excess of $13.6 billion.

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