While Microsoft has yet to release exact sales figures for the Microsoft Surface RT, we’ve seen rather large lines and enough hype on the net to suggest the new tablet is selling quite well. That being said, Steve Ballmer seems to think that things are starting “modestly”.

Talking to Le Parisien, Ballmer said this had to due with lack of distribution, for starters. At the moment the only way to land a surface is directly through Microsoft, though this seems to be changing down the road. There have also been supply shortages which means they can’t push as many units as they like.

Honestly– Ballmer is probably at least partially being modest. Going out the door and saying that these things are selling and other Windows 8/RT devices aren’t might cause even more friction between vendors.

Sure, maybe the Surface RT isn’t selling at “iPad levels” but I wouldn’t call it a failure either. Also, Microsoft probably isn’t ‘surprised’ to hear it is starting as they call it “modestly”. It’s a new product, we can’t expect it to take off instantly. They need to establish a fanbase and get some more great apps to the platform.

This is a new device with a new ecosystem. The fact that it is attracting as many earlier adopters as it has is an excellent sign.

Steve Ballmer also made mention of the Surface Pro and how it will have an even better screen and processor. Honestly, that’s a big part of it. Many of us like the idea of the Surface but are still waiting off for the Surface Pro in order to get backwards compatibility with all our favorite apps.

Have you purchased a Surface RT or are you waiting for the Pro version?

Conversely, are you not interested in the Surface?

If not, is there another Windows 8/RT device that you plan on buying instead?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/andreasac Andreas Avns Christiansen

    maybe if they sold it in every country (Denmark), instead of just USA, Canada and a few EU, it would have sold more ?:p really really want one

  • phaithoon

    it expensive

  • http://www.facebook.com/darrenkgeorge Darren Kavin George

    zero interest in rt 100% sold on the pro……