Redmond may have kicked off its gigantic reorganization process, and also announced that it is looking for a new CEO, but outgoing leader Steve Ballmer is currently the middle link between the current Microsoft and the one of the future.

For this reason Ballmer has started to make appearances at high-profile events to discuss the technology titan’s future strategy and what it has planned for the years to come.

And well, long story short, the company has a truckload of things that it is focusing on right now.

Ballmer talked about the transition process to a devices and services company and the ongoing changes at Redmond during the Gartner Symposium ITXpo 2013. He emphasized that Microsoft no longer wants a computer at every desk — that goal has already been accomplished.

Now, the deal is to push this idea (first floated by Bill Gates, by the way, in the good old days) to a whole another level. And that is, putting a Windows device in every pocket, across the world:

“What we’re really talking about is a new world and people focus on the words we use, devices and services, but really it’s about enabling people to do and achieve the things that are most valuable in life and we just see so much more potential whether that is a device that is in your pocket, on your desk, in your home, on your wall, around your eyes.

Those are important activities which have yet to be automated, improved, made better, whether they’re in our personal lives or our professional lives. So we talk about enabling the things that our customers value most and to do that through a next-generation devices and services.”

The events of the past few years have made it very clear that Microsoft is now focusing primarily on devices and services. In recent times, Apple has made a name for itself in the devices area, and Google now reigns supreme in the services sector.

And there is only one other company in the world that can mount (and win) this challenge.

The way things are heading, expect the new CEO, whoever he or she is, to drive this concept forward. Redmond already has a pretty good start in this area, and the near future is now all about solidifying and growing its presence.

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