Mr. B has finally spoken.

Addressing a group of developers in London, the CEO of Microsoft underlined that Windows 8 is an unprecedented opportunity for application development. In his keynote speech, Steve Baller said:

“We think you can actually build better applications on our devices and you get access to the single biggest operating system platform in the world, which is the Windows platform,”

Probably the biggest downer right now for Windows 8 devices is the lack of applications and exclusives — particularly for the tablet-focused Windows RT.

Even though new apps are surfacing (pun always intended) every day, there is a still a distinct lack of software from the biggest names in app development.

Of course, thanks for the extremely large install base of previous version of Windows, Microsoft knows it is in a unique position to invite developers to create applications for its devices. At least, when compared to the likes of Blackberry (anyone remember that company?).

The Windows Store recently crossed the 20,000 apps milestone, with nearly 18,000 of them being free (or ad-supported). Needless to say, availability of quality apps could very well be a deciding factor for Windows 8 success on all platforms.

And from the look of things, it appears Microsoft is aware of this fact.

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