CEO Steve Ballmer is heading into the twilight of his career at Microsoft, after recently confirming that he would retire from the company within one year, or when a successor is found.

But new statistics revealed in a survey by indicate that the outgoing leader now has an approval rating of less than half — 47 percent to be exact. What this means is that less than half of Microsoft employees now want him at the helm of the company.

Surely, the fact that he is retiring swayed these numbers to a large extent.

Other big names in technology are leading the charts. The usual suspects include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a 97 percent approval rating. He is followed by Twitter head Dick Costolo at 96 percent, and Google CEO Larry Page who finds 95 percent of employees standing by him.

Ballmer, it seems, has lost the touch with not only with Redmond’s board of directors but also the workforce within the company. A year or so back the CEO commented that he would be seeing out his term and retire in 2017 as originally planned.

But a combination of several factors dictated that Redmond find a new leader.

Microsoft is currently undergoing a major new reorganization process, and the technology titan is still looking for a new CEO — one that will complete the company’s transition to a devices and services firm.

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  1. but look at this quarters numbers that were just released, up a bunch year over year.

    • Yeah, Ballmer has always been more of a bean counter at heart, a really good bean counter, one that had a large say in making Microsoft what it is today. The financial numbers under him have almost always been a delight.

      But I reckon this 47% statistics has a lot to do with employees factoring in that the guy is set to retire soon. An approval rating of say over 90% here would have been quite out of the ordinary, me thinks.

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