Steve Ballmer is approaching his twilight as the head of Redmond. The company is in the middle of a major transformation process, one that is not only pushing it towards a devices and services concept, but also the promise of a new CEO leading the charge.

The outgoing CEO, on the other hand, has sent what he calls his last shareholder letter as CEO.

Ballmer used the occasion to talk in detail about Redmond’s future, the One Microsoft concept and how the technology titan is set to continue its transition towards a devices and services company. He also touches upon and provides more details about the recent Nokia acquisition.

He believes that this new deal is crucial to help Microsoft takes its mobile ambitions to the next level.

More importantly, though Ballmer promises Redmond will continue generating amazing innovation:

“Over time, our focus on high-value activities will generate amazing innovation and new areas of growth. What is a high-value activity? Think of the experiences people have every day that are most important to them — from communicating with a family member and researching a term paper to having serious fun and expressing ideas.”

The letter is part of Microsoft’s annual financial report for its recently completed fiscal year 2013 that the company issued earlier today.

It is a quite a heartfelt piece, so make sure you read it at the link above.

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