Chalk another one up in the critics column. This time it’s an important organization that believes Windows 8 has failed to excite — all important as in the Bank of America.

In a report published by Bank of America, analyst Kash Ragan says that Windows 8 is yet to make a difference on the collapsing PC market. So much so that the organization has downgraded Microsoft’s rating from “Buy” to “Neutral”.


Talking to Benzinga, he said:

“We were hoping that MSFT would make a bold foray with Win 8 into smartphones and tablets. Conventional product cycle wisdom dictates that the stock should peak before a Win launch, but we remained optimistic because the limited availability of touch-based devices impaired an objective assessment of Win 8.

Now, six months post launch, despite more available touch-based devices, Win 8 lacks momentum, challenging our optimism.”

Challenging your optimism, you say? Well that’s just how things are, not just on the PC domain but also tablets. The software titan will now aim to change things around by launching several Windows based tablets later in the year.

But just for the record, Redmond’s stock hit $31.45 in September 2012 — right before Windows 8 was officially launched in October 2012.

Now even with more than five months on the market, the new OS is currently (only) installed on approximately 3.17 percent of computers around the globe, according to the newest statistics provided by market research firm Net Applications.

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  • Grandpa Geek

    What else could you expect from Bank of America where financial decisions have been very questionable if not outright a “joke”. I personally don’t even listen to any news coming out of Bank of America.

  • Robert Trance

    Maybe Windows 8 Pro failed to excite them, but it certainly excites us users…

  • Misterbear Fapp

    Bank of America. A source of financial and information technology expertise.