The Microsoft and Barnes and Nobles business partnership is finally bringing some good results, at least for Windows 8 users as a new promotion nets them some free ebooks and magazines.

This new limited-time campaign brings Windows 8 users who install the company’s official application five free books and magazine, which can be downloaded on any Windows 8 device — meaning they can be read on any desktop computer, laptop or tablet powered by Microsoft’s newest operating system.

The Barnes and Noble’s press release directs Windows 8 Nook app users to swipe over to the Popular Choices section where they will see a new “Welcome Offer” listing.

Users can choose the books they like the most, from best-sellers such as the Best American Series 2012 (a collection of 15 short stories and essays), Blue Bloods (vampire novel by Melissa De La Cruz), Hello, Cupcake! (a cupcake creation book),  and The Enemy (zombie novel from Charlie Higson).

Another free ebook on offer is Life of Pi, but the company says that the free version of this will only be available to the first 100,000 users who download it. Get in early if you can.

Free magazines include Food Network Magazine, GQ, HGTV Magazine, Real Simple and TIME.

If you are yet to install the NOOK app, head over here to download it.

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  1. NOOK is not available for Australian users

  2. Sadly, no such app…. :`(

  3. Microsoft really has to sort out this app availability issue, and try to bring as many apps to as many markets as it can. Though in the case of Nook app (since it’s books and all) it can be understood why it is not available in all markets.

    Oh well. The world still has a long journey ahead. I mean, it’s free books, free reading, and it would have been great if most users could download the goodies.

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