I guess that will be one less app from the list of missing applications on the Windows Phone platform, as word is that BBM for Windows Phone is very much upon us.

After what seem like countless rumors, we now have a set release window. July.

Obviously, BlackBerry launched the service on iOS and Android more than a year back, with no word on whether it would land on Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Then again, one might give them the benefit of the doubt — Windows Phone 8.1 was in early stages at that time.

But with development of the latest version now complete, it is only fair that we are starting to hear about these high profile app launches.

This latest piece of information actually comes directly from John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, who mentioned the release of this upcoming Windows Phone app in an earnings call earlier today.

BlackBerry’s messaging service is already available on BB 10, iOS and Android.

Although the feature list of the Windows Phone client is not exactly clear at the moment, it is safe to assume that all basic options will be (and should be) available at launch. Missing features are hopefully added in via future updates.

July, be quick.

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  • Ray C

    Good move. This will only further speed up the death of Blackberry

  • Cody Z

    Say what you will about Blackberry at this point, but BBM is still an impressive software and hasn’t been matched yet. Smart move on all fronts for Microsoft.

  • Wayne S

    I love BBM. Always have. One of the view innovative things blackberry has captured and kept demand for. Great decision by Windows Phone to add this.