Drama, Drama, Drama.

In what seems to be a very interesting blog post, Scott Barnes basically hits back against an alleged statement that Steven Sinofsky made.

The statement was (allegedly) the following:

‘We didn’t talk about XAML at All things D for a reason — we wanted the focus to be on the new things, and to carefully release information a little at a time. We anticipated some knee jerk reaction from the .NET folk, but it was a bit bigger than we expected. To be clear, we never said that Web UI  was the only approach, we just wanted to let a little bit out. Of course, some people took it the wrong way — Scott Barnes for example who claimed on his site that there are [X] developers who think this is ridiculous. His numbers are garbage. We are Microsoft, we can check on those numbers and his site does not get a fraction of that traffic. Therefore, we make a decision about what’s right for devs, shareholders and MS in the end, not for what one person like Scott Barnes says we should do..

Now he does acknowledge that this is gossip and he proceeds to hit back throughout his response.

He basically goes through a bunch of internal (he’s former MSFT) bickering about Steven, Microsoft, Windows 8, Development languages and politics.

If you have interest in drama, you might want to check it out.

I hope Steven Sinofsky did say that because if he didn’t, someone will be looking mighty foolish.


Can’t we all get along and wait for Windows 8 to just come out? When we know what’s in and what’s out, there will be more than enough time and blog ink to bicker…

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