Benchmark Windows Phone, iOS And Android Devices With Basemark OS II

Benchmark Windows Phone, iOS And Android Devices With Basemark OS II

Microsoft and friends have up until the recent past not really been concerned with a specs race on mobile devices. Windows Phone is an amazingly optimized operating system and works well on most chips and memory configurations, after all.

But with the release of full HD and quad-core Nokia phones and phablets, all three platforms are now competing for hardware glory. And now you can find which takes top honors by comparing them.

Rightware, the creator of the Basemark line of benchmarking software have developed a universal benchmark for the three most popular platforms available in the world right now — Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Going by the name of Basemark OS II, the application allows users to measure the performance, power consumption and camera speed comparisons between devices.

It also comes with an integrated online comparison service, called Power Board.

A number of stress tests are included that help measure the synthetic performance in various areas of mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. These are categorized as: System, Memory, Graphics, Web and Extra tests that includes battery and camera speed.

You can download the application for free from the respective marketplaces:

Windows Phone Store
Apple App Store
Google Play

A full version of Basemark OS II is also available for companies and professional users that want to benchmark mobile devices. This one can be availed under a different licensing agreement.