Microsoft is gearing up to unleash its second generation Surface tablets later this month, and as expected, its partners are also joining in the fun as they roll out new promotions and programs to make the most of this opportunity.

Best Buy, for instance, has just rolled out its new trade-in campaign.

And while good old Redmond wants people to trade in their old iPhones and iPads for Microsoft Store gift cards, Best Buy is ready to take in your old Surface RT and first generation Surface Pro tablets and will give a minimum of $200 gift card, up to an offer of $350 maximum.

All you need to make sure is that the old devices can be powered on and have a fully working display.

Additionally, this trade-in offer is only available if you bring the tablet to a Best Buy retails store — there is no option of mailing in the device to be eligible to receive the gift card. And there is one more limitation as you may have guessed. Yup, time.

This promotion runs through October 21.

And this is actually the last day when you can preorder a Surface 2 tablet. Microsoft has promised to start shipping the new slates by October 22. So these are the couple of factors you will need to keep in mind if you are game for this new promotion.

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  1. I like this better. Instant Rebates are almost always better. This is Microsoft should be doing. They should be doing whatever makes in easiest for a person to walk in with one device and walk out having purchased or ordered another

    • Michael Paterson / October 11, 2013 at 6:31 pm /Reply

      This is good but I don’t think $350 is enough for a $1200 Surface Pro. I know the ultimate problem is that Pro is just way to expensive though.

      • Well, it you’re determined to get any Surface or at least see it as decent option, any discount will help. The promotion is over on the 21st, but what’s the expiration on the gift card. I wonder if we could wait to use it to see if there is some type of early price drop. I understand We all want all the Surfaces to be cheaper, but 350 is almost a 25% discount. How much more of a discount would we want?

        • Michael Paterson / October 14, 2013 at 10:07 am /Reply

          It isn’t that I’m looking for a discount so much as I don’t want to see someone spend $1200 and then 3 months later already have an outdated product. I got my mother a Surface Pro 3 months ago (she _loves_ it). However, I can’t justify spending even more on the new one (which seems to be so much better) so soon after. I totally see your point but I still think there should be more to it. Ie. $400 + a free accessory or something.

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