Better Document Collaboration Comes To Office 365

Paint any Microsoft future, and Office 365 will squarely be a cornerstone of the company’s strategy. The cloud powered productivity suite, alongside the Azure division are two businesses that offer massive untapped potential.

It comes as no wonder, then, that Redmond regularly updates this software as a service solution.

The latest refresh to Office 365 adds, what is being called, better document collaboration. Microsoft announced this feature earlier this year at the Exchange Developer Conference, and now we have the final product ready for action.

The idea is to eliminate the need to share documents via email when working with other people on files. Because, well, that is so 20th century. As the company puts it:

“Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the first of these enhancements which aims to improve the way people interact with files as attachments in their email. Now, you will be able to edit a document straight from Outlook Web App and attach this edited document to an email response in just a few clicks.”

Attachments and emails can now be viewed next to each other, as opposed to wasting time flipping back and forth. And users are now no longer required to download the attachments.

Documents can be edited and returned right in this new view.

Microsoft have also streamlined the overall user experience, as attached files are now easier to see during the sending process, and users get the ability to download multiple attachments in one single ZIP file. The company has also promised support for more file formats in the future.

  • Ted Smith

    A direct response to GoogleDocs. A smart response at that. Good move by Microsoft.

    • Chaser

      I think you’re right on both counts. I think Microsoft got on top of this one quick enough to fend off Google in this area. I’m anxious to see how this plays out moving forward.