If BiglyBT isn’t the best then, it’s mighty close. What with its open source nature, lack of bloats, and being free of ads. Even the name is funky. BiglyBT, developed by former Vuze developers, has just marked its arrival.

As the website details, this is a multiplatform solution, licensed under GPL.

The team has based this on the Azureus code, which Vuze was previously known as. Think 2003, when the BitTorrent protocol itself was a relatively new thing. The developers have promised to optimize this new torrent client in the future, and the project will be kept the open source.

Without any commercial interests.

Something that another very popular torrent client, uTorrent, has suffered from in recent times, as the company added in ads, and filled the program with bloat. Even though uTorrent had made its name as one of the most lightweight solutions on the market.

Just in case you’re wondering, BiglyBT does not contain any of the Vuze proprietary code.

In fact, developers have even removed some feature that are considered bloat, like content network, gaming promotions, sponsored offers in the installer, DVD burning capabilities, among others. Instead, the project is solely supported by donations from the public.

You can check it out at the link below.

Download: BiglyBT

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  1. Again, It seems that with Vuze Torrent I had not one single problem with internet security for years till I downloaded and installed “BiglyBt” the new version taking place of Vuze. Now I am wondering……

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    McAfee Labs
    Threat Intelligence

    High Risk




    This page shows details and results of our analysis on the IP address

    Threat Detail

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