Bill Gates answers questions about Microsoft

Speaking to the  BBC on their Hard Talk program, Bill Gates answered questions on Microsoft’s loss of innovation and the potential death of the PC.

Gates downplays Apple’s market valuation.

“I think stock prices aren’t really the best gauge, stock prices can go up and down. I would be the first to say there’s several tech companies including Microsoft, including Apple, including Google, who are doing fascinating work. The importance of software is more evident to people today than it’s ever been.”

He also discusses Microsoft’s role in buying Skype.

“I was a strong proponent at the board level for the deal being done,” said Gates. ”I think it’s a great, great deal for Skype. I think it’s a great deal for Microsoft,” he added.

It’s pretty fascinating and a subtle reminder that Bill is not quite gone from Microsoft.

He spends about 10% of his time working with Microsoft.

10% of Bill Gates time is a pretty huge asset if you ask me…

You can watch the full 30 minute BBC interview on iPlayer or catch the best bits below.

Credit to Tom Warren at Winrumors

  • xinu

    I watched this on the bbc, we should be getting more leaks and possibly more information from microsoft and partners as we get closer to the launch.

  • Dan Dar3

    And that’s why they came up with Channel 9 a couple of hears ago…