When it comes to geeks, you will have to think really hard to find a cooler one than Bill Gates. Since leaving his full time gig at Microsoft, the iconic CEO has shifted his focus on making the world better.

But call it plain luck, or the fact that Microsoft has released two of its most important products in recent time (Windows 8 and Surface), or maybe it is the start of a new year and Bill is showing the progress his charity foundation has made in the months goon by.

Whatever it is, Gates is in the media regularly, sharing his views on things.

A day or so back, Mr. Microsoft made an appearance at Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

While a fair portion of the talk focused on his philanthropic endeavors and how his organization is tackling diseases, climate change and things like that, he briefly touched on a lot of technology topics as well, from programming to Internet, as well as his Microsoft career.

And yes, he even touched on whether Windows 8 is better than Windows 7, and the answer is unsurprisingly in the favor of the newest version of the OS.

You can visit the original Reddit page at the link above and check out the things in full over there, or take a look at a compilation of his answers over at Neowin. Either option makes for a very interesting read and an insight into the mind of one of the finest computing genius.

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