Insider details are always a good read, particularly if they are as juicy as this. The world might be against Steve Ballmer, justified in many ways, but it seems that he played the part of the lone ranger in Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business.

This report by Bloomberg claims that Ballmer was the main supporter of this takeover, while leaders like Bill Gates and current CEO Satya Nadella were opposed to the deal.

Even Tony Bates, the company’s Skype boss that recently parted ways, agreed that Microsoft should not purchase Nokia — in what is a steal at $7.54 billion.

Additionally, the company’s board thought that buying Nokia’s mapping unit made no sense.

Intense negotiations ensued, and Ballmer, it is said, threatened to resign if he was not allowed to purchase Nokia. This was when Satya Nadella changed his mind and sided with the former CEO. Gates, however, was still not sold and thought this deal made little sense.

You know the story from thereon. Microsoft made the deal official on September 3, last year, and is currently in the process of completing the transaction, pending final regulatory approval from the remaining countries including China.

Steve Ballmer already has a pretty colorful history at the helm, but if the higher management plays its cards right, the Nokia acquisition might prove to be a bit of a masterstroke.

You thoughts on this, people? Let them out!

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