The Redmond based technology titan may still be looking for a new CEO, but rumors of Bill Gates returning to lead Microsoft continue to surface. A new report, once again, claims his return.

Word on the street (well, more like inner circles) is that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates could be the one to guide the company through these somewhat troubling times — troubling in the sense that Microsoft is looking to carve out its new identity in the devices and services mold.

The reasonably reliable Win8China is citing the exceedingly reliable WZOR that Bill Gates is contemplating a return to Microsoft in order to oversee the development of the next Windows projects.

And yes, this is the same WZOR that is famous for leaking Microsoft details (and software) in the past. The leaker very recently released several Windows 8.1 RTM builds, and clearly this is someone in the know, if nothing else.

Anyway, it appears that Microsoft’s board is looking for some experienced head to lead the development of Windows 10, an upcoming version of its flagship operating system.

The software titan, according to rumors, is currently developing Windows 9, but the company reportedly also has some really elaborate plans for the future.

Windows 10 is actually said to be a cloud-based operating system that while could be used for up to 180 days in offline mode, but would require users to sign in, in order to synchronize data between devices.

As always take these rumors with a healthy helping of salt — particularly as Gates himself has recently said in a statement that he is fully focused on his charity mission. He is also part of a special committee Microsoft has set up to look for and finalize a new CEO.

And even though this may be the most reliable of sources as far as rumors go, file this under pure speculation for now, nevertheless.

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  1. Rodney Longoria / September 2, 2013 at 1:53 pm /Reply

    Not going to happen! It would be a temporary band-aid, at best. Maybe if Ballmer left for health reasons (or something of that nature regarding his family), then I could see this MAYBE in the works. Otherwise, Bill is enjoying his leisure time with his family and the foundation.

    • Agreed. Even though WZOR is one source that I rather trust, I’ll still say there is less than 1% chance of this happening. In fact, considering how things are going, we may just hear about the new CEO in a couple of months time, instead of a full 12 months wait.

      Let’s see. As long as Microsoft comes out stronger through this, all would be well.

  2. Gates has been emphatic about not wanting to go back. Their best shot would be to recruit Richard Branson or Mark Cuban, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Yes, i love Bill Gates and i need him in Microsoft.

  4. Windows 10 is probably 5 years away. Does anyone think we will be ready for a 100% cloud OS by then? I’m not saying we won’t. I’m just wondering.

    • Honestly? I hope that we are. In reality, we probably won’t be. I work over at Geek Squad at Best Buy, and the amount of people I see who still us XP is enormous: Some of these people independent business owners, who cannot even unlock the potential of the internet fully. There are just too many people who either refuse to or do not have the means to catch up in our tech-savvy world: And, unfortunately, the majority of those people are consumers.

      • Let’s just say, they will develop and keep developing and when you get the means you advance. No need really to race with a Bugatti, is there?

  5. Maybe I’m naïve when I say this but in this day and age of “limited data”, with even ISP’s having a cap, 100% cloud doesn’t make much sense.

  6. Bill is the only hope left for Microsoft…..looking forward

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