Perhaps the most colorful technology rumor of the year concerns Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder actually lost $1.6 billion in one day, as Microsoft’s shares fell by 11 percent on Friday, soon after it announced its quarterly earnings.

The Q2 2013 financial results were somewhat below analyst expectations, but most notable was the one-time $900 million write off for Surface RT tablets.

Redmond nevertheless blamed the collapsing PC industry as playing the biggest role in the decline experienced by the company. Microsoft shares fell 11.4 percent to $31.40 late Friday evening — and this represents a drop of approximately $34 billion in market value.

Bill Gates, on the other hand, took as serious a hit. Gates currently holds 397,988,029 Microsoft shares, meaning that the 11.4 percent drop translates into a loss worth $1,607,871,637.

Expectedly, analyst views, speculation and rumors followed soon after these events.

And one of the most remarkable ones comes from The International Business Times that writes that Microsoft may opt for a pretty unexpected solution to help with this matter — Bill Gates is considering a return to the software giant in order to turn the tides in the long term.

This is a highly improbable rumor considering how often Bill Gates has denied this in the past, as he wants to focus on his charity efforts. But it is highly interesting, in equal amounts, nonetheless.

As far as Steve Ballmer is concerned, the head of Microsoft already explained in a recent interview with The Seattle Times that a CEO succession is already planned, though he refused to provide any details on the person who is going to control Microsoft after his retirement.

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  • Daryl Thomas Kane

    its all because of windows 8 and 8.1 and the modern ui and start menu ect. microsoft must stop all this touch screen thing for desktops pc and laptops its not gonna work out and if they don’t put 8.1 right then they have no other choice is the deploy sp2 for windows 7 x86/x64

    • WillyThePooh

      Non-touch screen desktop pcs and laptops are going to become a niche market. Most companies are putting their attention to touch screen tablets and hybrids. If you still insist using the non-touch screen one, then be prepared to be left in dust in future.

  • Janet010

    It would be nice to have his vision visibly back again on Microsoft. He co-founded it, after all. However, I also think that he has a say on the background. If so, the most important question would be ‘how much influence?’.
    I just hope that Ballmer Junior will be succeessing his father based on his own achievement, not because he is Steve Ballmer’s son. It is a company, not a kingdom.