Not always does one gets to write a headline with the word CEO twice in it, but the biggest question in the technology world since last week is who should be Microsoft’s pick to replace the outgoing Steve Ballmer as the head of the Redmond Empire. may be one of Microsoft’s bigger competitors, and Marc Benioff, one of the most outspoken people in the technology sector. But the head of the cloud computing company believes that Gates is the best man to lead the technology titan, even if on an interim basis.

This, as you may recall, is not a new line of thought — A few other analysts believe that Bill Gates could do the perfect job at this stage and lead Redmond at its most crucial of times.

Benioff, talking to CNet said that if Gates returned, he would bring a new level of enthusiasm and excitement to the company. He further suggests that Gates should announce his return to Microsoft on an interim basis:

“There is no clear candidate with the visionary skills to turn company around other than Bill Gates.

He could come back with new ways to run the company, let (his wife) Melinda run the charitable foundation, make changes and identify the next leader to come, with a clear window of three years.”

Having said that, no matter how much the fans and industry may want Gates to return, it still is highly unlikely that he would suddenly break away from his charity work and come back in full capacity at Microsoft. But as the saying goes, one should never say never — at least in the technology business.

It would generate a tremendous amount of positive buzz, though, this much is a sure.

Your thoughts on this? Send them in!

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  • Malachi Jubb

    If he returned it would no doubt boost the cash flow to Microsoft which would eventually make into the charity.
    And if Microsoft loses the battle to Google then what happens to the charity work?

  • Jase Wolf

    I think it’s stupid people saying Bill should come and save the day, as are they damn well comparing him to Steve Jobs???? Just because Steve came back to Apple to save the day, people assume Bill will do the same?

    Sure they both were amazing friends, but they ain’t the same person!

    Sure, I have faith that Bill certainly would do magic for Microsoft, but I know that Bill sees his charity work as a priority, because he is saving lives by what he is doing and I can see no reason why he would come back as CEO of Microsoft because there are PLENTY of clever people in this world. Sure no one will be able to hold the same name that Bill proudly can hold “Co-founder” but, there are dozens of people out there that would do wonders to Microsoft.

    Bill I can see never coming back as CEO of Microsoft, because I am certain that by what he is doing each day saving lives, I’m sure that he wakes up each morning knowing what he’s doing is saving lives, and that makes him carry on and carry on loving what he does. I may not know him in person, but in my opinion you just need to look at that guy, and you can see in his eyes just how much he loves what he does. He is a hero, he isn’t just am owner of one the biggest companies out there, he is a hero, and why would he go back being a business man running a perfectly independent company full time? The company can find another person to be the successor of Ballmer, it’s a matter of trial and error, they do not need to go running back to there daddy who is too busy prioritising his time to saving people.

    Who knows, he could come back, but I just like most of you here on this site have said, I would be bloody shocked if Bill does come back, because what would you prefer doing? Running a company who is just making devices and software for people, or would you prefer put your time to doing what Bill is doing which is saving lives?

    I damn well know what I’d prefer do, as I’m sorry but even if Microsoft does go down, what Bill is doing with his with is more important. Saving lives are more important than a devices and hardware company.

    Ok, if Microsoft goes bye bye then that will be a HUGEEEEE impact on the technology industry that we know about today, but we still have google, we still have all these Linux and BSD projects, we still have Apple, and we still have Intel. Microsoft ain’t everything and Bill knows that, and so why would he become back as the CEO?

    It is sad when a company fades out of existence but at the end of the day, it’s stuff that is going to save lives that is what’s important so again, I can see that Bill will never come back to Microsoft.

    • Jase Wolf

      $***, when I clicked on the Facebook to sign in, because I’m doing from in the webpage viewer on the Facebook iOS app, I thought I was gonna lose all what I wrote. $*** that really would of p’d me off lmao

      • Fahad Ali

        LOL. 😀 It would have p’d me off something special too!