Things seem to have taken a bit of an ugly turn behind the curtains at Microsoft, with recent reports that three of the top twenty shareholders are pressuring Gates to leave the company.

The Reuters story on this matter sure sent out some mild tremors into the technology world.

These three investors (we probably know who one of them is) believe that the company needs a completely new direction, and that is only possible with a completely new management team. Steve Ballmer is already heading for retirement, and they are now pushing Bill Gates to resign.

The man himself has remained tight lipped on the subject, but analysts and experts around the world have started to weigh in on this speculated new development. And most believe that it is vital for Microsoft to keep its co-founder on board — absolutely vital.

An analyst with Directions on Microsoft, We Miller said in a statement:

“Bill is involved in the search for a new CEO, and I believe he’ll stay put to ensure that the company’s direction is clear and on a solid footing as the new CEO takes over.”

Back in 1986, before Microsoft went public, Gates owned 49 percent of the company.

But he sells about 80 million of his shares on an annual basis under a preset plan. As of right now, the man owns around 4.5 percent of Microsoft. If he keeps on selling his stock at this rate, it would leave him with no financial stake in the company by 2018.

Then again, there are some that believe that Gates, one of the greatest pioneers of the technology industry, would be more effective as a chief executive than as chairman.

Nevertheless, sources familiar with the matter have hinted that his wife Melinda and close friends all oppose to such a comeback, and want Bill Gates to continue focusing on his charity work.

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  1. I’m not sure I trust these investors. Although good points have been given for Bill to step away from MS, I don’t believe their motives are that genuine. All they’re looking at is their bottom line in the short term. All this is just a play to make them feel like they’re more in control of the company.

    • True and true. They’re just looking out for themselves. I’d dare venture and say all this fuss started after ValueAct Capital barged in. If investors like this had their way, they’d probably just have Microsoft wrap up everything and focus on enterprise and cloud.

      There have already been noises to spin off divisions like Bing and Xbox.

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