Microsoft have just updated the Bing apps for Windows Phone 8, and the new versions of these applications are now available for download on the Windows Phone Store.

Usually each time the Bing apps are updated, they come with a changelog — an official list of changes that are part of that particular release. Not this time, though. Redmond, for some odd reason did not detail what is new in this refresh.

For any app, interestingly.

Regardless, updates to these Bing apps are very often small in size, meaning you can install them with ease whether you are on WiFi or using your cellular network.

The apps are now available on the Windows Phone Store, and since these new versions are available for almost all users at the same time, you can download and deploy them right away.

If you do, and notice any changes or improvements, then let everyone know in the comments.

Just for the record, the list of Bing applications that now have new versions on the Windows Phone Store includes Finance, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, News, Sports, Travel and Weather.

Basically, the whole enchilada.

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  • CalvinQ

    What exactly are Bing apps? I am really not too sure what they are. They sound like good options, but I’d like to know more! sorry for being ignorant here!

    • Malachi Jubb

      It is the Weather, News, food, etc found on Win8, just Mobile versions.

  • Jake

    Bing offers a great collection of apps. This is excellent news. Love the fact that bing and windows are updating this as it should be.