Microsoft continues enhancing its Bing search engine, this time adding music videos to the video search capabilities that were made part of the package back in September.

Back then, the search service displayed a special interface for Internet videos. With this new extension, the video search now includes music videos, allowing for easier access to the best music videos that are available on the web.

This improvement is detailed on the official Bing blog, with Redmond revealing that searching for a specific video from a music artist on Bing will now bring up the most popular videos and present them on the top left side of the screen, as aptly illustrated in the image above.

The top right side, on the other hand, will show links to the other popular videos from the same artist. As Microsoft puts it:

“Because we know that quality videos don’t just come from one place, we showcase videos from leading sites including YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Artist Direct and more. Instead of making you click through to a site to see if a video is the one you want, you can simply mouse over the thumbnail to see a preview. If you like what you’re hearing, simply click on the button to play the full version.”

All leading sources (read websites, like YouTube and Vimeo) are presented in the search results.

And that’s not all — the music video search results can also be viewed in the order that the songs appear on the album. The search engine, Microsoft says, can classify original and live albums, greatest hits, collections and more.

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  • Ray C

    Why don’t they just create their own video upload service?

    • Rodney Longoria

      Yeah Ray, instead of dealing with Google’s YouTube bullshit on Windows Phone 8. They could invest in Nokia’s Music brand and make that a major service (app and website). I’d switch in a heartbeat!

      • Fahad Ali