Microsoft sure is putting everything it has behind Bing to make its search engine a bona fide threat to Google. But while this much is clear that Bing is doing a lot better than before, it still has a long distance to travel to dent Google Search.

The latest search engine numbers for the month of July are in from comScore.

And while Google posted the biggest gain in the US market share, Yahoo Search witnessed a bit of a decline. Bing, on the other hand, managed to hold on to its market share from last month.

July saw Bing’s market share stay firm at 17.9 percent — the highest it has been.

Yahoo slipped further to end up at 11.3 percent from 11.4 percent a month back. Google went from 66.7 percent to 67 percent in the United States. Ask and AOL rounded up the top five of the US search engine market.

In the bigger scheme of things, Google now has the same market share that it had a year ago. Bing, obviously, has had a good few months, and actually gained two percentage points in the same time period — mostly at Yahoo’s expense.

Bing and Yahoo combined actually only grew by half a percentage point in the last year.

Redmond would be hoping to see some noteworthy growth in these figures in the next few months.

Windows 8.1 comes with much deeper integration of the Bing search engine, and if this strategy takes off, then Google Search could be in for a bit of a surprise.

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  1. I’ve been using Bing for a while, and I like it. Even when I search for something in Google or get directions, I always back them up with a Bing search

  2. Isn’t Yahoo basically using Bing, so technically more 17.9% are getting BING results. People act like Google’s jump was a big jump.

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