Animated GIFs are magical, and they’ve been around since the early days of the Internet. If you’re into them, then Bing has now made it a whole lot easier to search for these type of images.

Microsoft recently updated its search engine to allow it to perform searches using emoji (think emoticon, those smiley faces), and now the company has added another feature that lets users search and find animated GIFs.

And this coincided with Halloween too.

The company talked about this on the official Bing blog, confirming that everyone can now try this feature on the Bing Images site:

“Starting today, there’s an easier way to search for animated GIFs. When you do an image search, click on the “Type” filter below the search box and then select “Animated GIF”. The page will refresh to show just animated GIFs. Hovering on any of the images will play the animation right away, making it easy and fun for you to see the animation.”

The neat thing is that all search results that are animated GIFs will have a special “GIF” badge on the bottom left corner, making it simple to determine if the image will animate if you hover or click.

Welcome improvement, and you can take it for a test drive here on Bing Images.

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