Bing Rewards allows you to earn free Windows Phone 8 apps

Windows 8 is here, and Windows Phone 8 is just about to debut. Both platforms are major changes from their past versions, and that means that they need to find ways to reach out to customers and get users to choose Microsoft mobile solutions over the competition.

How do you do that exactly?

Good marketing is one of the keys, something Microsoft seems to be getting right with its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 campaign. What else can they do? Give away free apps, that’s what.

Microsoft is now offering Windows Phone users free gift certificates for the Windows Phone Store in $1.25 and $5 denotations through their Bing Rewards program.

For those that don’t know, the reward program is to get people to search with Bing. You get special points that can be used for special items. In the case it takes 170 points for the $1.25 store credit or 525 points for $5.

If you are using a Windows Phone device, odds are that you already are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem and probably use Bing as opposed to alternatives like Google— the idea of getting rewards just first searching is absolutely brilliant and getting a few free apps is a good way to reward loyalty.

Any frequent Bing users make use of the rewards program? What do you think of it? Are the points easy enough to earn or do you feel that it is mostly a gimmick with little real value? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Adrian

    I can’t use Bing Rewards here in Australia, since it’s available in the US only. 🙁

  • Cathy

    For real!!! It’s worth checking out!

  • Carolina

    This seems to give good value indeed. Hope I get nice app as reward.

  • Jerry

    NIce! Thanks for sharing.