Bing, the direct competitor it is to Google’s undisputed search engine dominance, is increasingly staking its claim as a very viable alternative with regular roll outs of several innovative new features.

The search service already includes a People Autosuggest feature to help users quickly find information about a specific person, but Microsoft has just expanded this feature and included support for several new categories.

Some of the new categories added to the revamped autosuggest feature include albums, animal species, brands, movies, places, software and sports teams. This, Microsoft says, will go a long way in helping users spend less time searching for information using Bing.

The company very elaborately explained these changes on its official blog:

“For example, consider the word ‘pitbull.’ This is an interesting search because you may want results for the artist (a person) or the dog (a breed). Because only you can tell us which one you’re interested in finding, we serve up thumbnails with both the person and the dog.

“These are very different things that just happen to have the same name. But, Bing understands the difference and gives you the opportunity to select the right one.”

This new feature is now being rolled out to users across the world, so don’t be surprised if it is not already available in your market. It will soon be in the next few hours.

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