How about some good, uplifting, search engine numbers? Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are slowly, some would say very slowly, pushing Bing towards increasing its market share, at least in the US.

And considering the fact that the US search market has changed very little over the past few months, Microsoft would be rather pleased with the recent proceedings.

Google Search is still the big, hefty juggernaut and continues to rule the landscape.

But while Yahoo! Search is faltering a little, there is enough movement on Bing that it is good enough to post a slight increase over the numbers from the previous month. Besides, at this stage, it is all about building some solid momentum.

The digital analytics firm, comScore, has released its latest statistics for the month of October 2013, and while it is still a landslide victory for Google with a 66.9 percent share, things have stayed the same for the number one provider, and i’s number have seen no change since September.

Microsoft’s solution came in at second with 18.1 percent, ever so gently up from the previous month.

Yahoo! was good enough for the third place, but saw its share slide to 11.1 percent from the 11.3 percent back in September 2013. Obviously, Microsoft was the big winner here, gaining these users.

Google handled some 12.9 billion searches from the United States alone, Bing took care of 3.5 billion, while Yahoo! had a stake of 2.2 billion out of a total of 19.3 billion recorded.

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  1. Bing’s share is almost 20%. It will probably be well past 20% before the year ends. Google has knocked Apple to less than 20% share in certain markets, but people want Microsoft to drop it’s products that continue to grow.

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