Bing is gearing up for primetime with its close integration in Windows 8.1, and Microsoft surely expects big things from its search service in the coming months.

For the time being, though, Bing solidified its second position, as most search queries once again went through Google Search and related sites.

Research firm comScore has just released its data for September, and when it comes to explicit core search market in the past month Google (unsurprisingly) led the charts — it took up around 66.9 percent of all search queries that were conducted.

Bing sat in comfortable second place, though a few leagues away from the top.

Microsoft sites actually accounted for an 18 percent market share, and Yahoo! sites came in at 11.3 percent. The Ask Network had to contend with a 2.5 percent of explicit core searches. AOL Inc. rounded up the top five with its meager 1.3 percent.

Some 18.7 billion explicit core searches were recorded in September.

Google hogged up around 12.5 billion of these, and Bing shared in an estimate 3.4 billion. Yahoo sites hovered at around 2.1 billion, Ask Network 474 million and AOL Inc. took the final honors with 249 million core searches.

In fact, AOL Inc. was the only search engine that registered an increase in queries from August 2013. But Bing has been on a bit of an upwards trend itself, going up a feather from the 17.9 percent that was recorded back in July.

Redmond would be hopeful that an increase in the market share of Windows 8.1 (and increased availability of its modern platform on more devices) leads to a notable upsurge in the market share of its Bing search service. The next few comScore reports sure are worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. I still use both. I think some people who use only Google aren’t always being objective. Sometimes I think I do get more results with Google, but I always get pretty good results with Bing. They’re almost never the exact same results.

    • True, I’ve always used multiple search engines throughout. Not always though, but more often than not. Needless to say, there have been cases where I wanted to find the simplest of things (some that escaped my mind at that time) and guess what.

      I couldn’t for the life of me locate them on Google, while they were on the first page at Bing and Yahoo. Google Search is nice and advanced, but sometimes it is too complex for its own good.

  2. I have only used Bing for a long, long time and always find what I need.

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