It was back in 2012 when Microsoft unleashed a new video search mode for Bing that allowed searchers to view larger previews of Internet clips along with infinite scrollable search results.

And keeping with the trend of spending big on its search service, the company has now added even more new features and improvements to the video search interface on Bing — although it is initially available only for users in the United States for the time being.

First up, is what the company calls, the pop-out hover preview, which means you can quickly watch a short preview of the clip by simply moving the mouse cursor over a displayed video.

The technology titan said in a blog post on the official Bing website:

“We also expanded the information displayed about a video to speed up your search and now show favicons from the top sites, view counts, descriptions, and bold your search terms in the titles. Additionally, we’ve added a control for our previews so you can adjust the volume level of the preview playback.”

Additionally, improved filters that allow searching for only 720p or 1080p videos are also on offer to go with better navigation and video overlay, as shown in the screenshot above. Users, for instance, can quickly go to the next video in the search collection that also shows related search results to the right.

As noted above, these new enhancements are only available for US based users right now, but Microsoft will be rolling it out to users across the globe in the coming months.

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    I still say they need to start their own video and music site as a YouTube alternative