When it comes to using Windows tablets in the enterprise, it is important to have all your important documents and files at hand when you need them.

While devices like the Surface RT have reasonable storage space and the ability to use external drives, cloud technology has made life much easier for small businesses looking for a “central hub” to store and share files.

With Windows 8 there are already quite a few decent solutions out there for cloud storage, including SkyDrive. For those that needed unlimited space though? For just $10 a month, Bitcasa makes it possibly to store everything on the cloud.

This could be perfect if you have large video presentations and other data that would easily fill up your tablet’s hard drive or would tap out your SkyDrive account’s space. Up until now though, your only option for using Bitcasa with Windows 8 was via the browser.

The good news is that the company has now released a native app. While Bitcasa would not be a great solution for large businesses (and nor is it geared towards them), it would be great for a small company with just a few employees that need to share files, folders, videos and more.

With Bitcasa, you can actually stream videos which could be very important if you have a big video presentation you want to show off and would rather keep it in the cloud. Additionally, it provides an easy backup solution for your crucial data.

Sharing is easy as well, and you can even temporarily invite users in to grab just one single file for downloading as well, which could come in handy. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important and Bitcasa is just one way you could make your Windows 8 tablet experience even better.

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