Bloomberg Claims Next Microsoft CEO Will Continue Ballmer’s Vision

It has been a momentous few months for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The outgoing head of the technology titan first announced a massive restructuring plan in July, which itself will take around 1 year to be finalized.

And then he followed it up by making his retirement official this past Friday.

Ballmer may be set to retire from Microsoft within the next 12 months (or when a successor is found), but Microsoft has reportedly started sending emails to employees to reassure them that Ballmer’s reorganization plan is going forward as planned — even if the CEO will soon leave the company.

A new report on Bloomberg claims, citing two people close to the matter, that some members of Microsoft’s senior leadership team started sending these emails to employees, soon after Steve Ballmer made his retirement plans public.

The company is, quite obviously, trying to preemptively prevent any confusion that might be created about its future strategy, and its transition towards a devices and services firm.

Under Ballmer’s reorganization plan, Microsoft would continue this transition towards a devices and services approach, as the technology titan tries to expand its product lineup with attractive hardware offerings, instead of solely focusing on its software.

Having said that, the above source does mention the fact that Microsoft leaders are quite unsure whether they would retain the same roles when a new CEO heads up the Redmond Empire.

There are even hints that some executives could leave as early as the end of this month, after getting their stock grants and bonuses.