Here is an interesting interview with Pete Pachal from on Bloomberg. He talks about how sales numbers over the Christmas season were disappointing for Microsoft’s Windows 8, Surface and PCs, but admits that it is too early to declare Windows 8 a failure.

He also talks about the “barriers to entry” that Windows 8 faces in the the tablet world, now having to overcome deep commitments that consumers have made to ecosystems, particularly Apple’s.

Interestingly, he also mentions the fact that in the enterprise, many have already turned to iPads and iPhones making it a more difficult prospect for Microsoft.

One tidbit that comes out of the interview is that Microsoft has spent one and a half billion dollars advertising Windows 8. That is a ton of money, but they’ll need to spend even more to grab significant market share.

Enjoy it. I know I did.

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  • fed250

    I build custom machines and had to recommend to all customers using desktop or notebook to not use Windows 8. The learning curve is to high and they removed the dedicated desktop and start button features. Everything is not only geared but labeled and instructed for touch screen. Peoples desktops keep asking them to swipe or touch a corner. It feels horrible to use with a mouse. This alone killed the launch of Win 8.

    • Bay

      These are all real issues for a large number of Microsoft’s customers, Fed250. Microsoft must be responsible to the Start Button issues, no matter how much they disagree. They should at least make it an option. Even Samsung is doing so in its implementations!! If they do this, over time, they will make inroads into tablets. I’m still on the fence though about touch viability on the desktop (as are 95% of Windows 8 desktop users), but on tablets, touch is absolutely needed….