Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia commands the biggest share of the Windows Phone pie. And as the clear and dominant market leader the company continues to actively provide updates for its user base, whether via firmware updates or exclusive apps.

The latest is that the company is gearing up for the release of a brand new software update for its Windows Phone 8 based Lumia handsets. The upcoming update is set to provide users with support for Bluetooth 4.0, among several other enhancements.

An article over at The Verge reveals that Nokia is also planning to offer Low Energy support for fitness devices like Fitbit with this update, which is part of the previously detailed Nokia Amber software.

This update will ensure that its Lumia line of smartphones become compatible with a wide array of new accessories that are set to make their debut in the coming months.

The list of devices that will be supported for this update include all Nokia smartphones that are powered by Windows Phone 8 — including the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 devices. Lower end handsets like the Lumia 720, 620 and 520 are in on the action too.

The company is said to be planning to launch the above mentioned accessories with focus on location services via the HERE Maps and HERE Drive apps.

Complete details on the deployment of this new update are to be revealed soon.

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