Boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8 – new shortcut

Desktop users continue to search for ways to avoid booting into the Windows 8 Metro interface.

In a Neowin forum post, Neowin member ‘Fred 69’ claims to have found a way to boot directly to the desktop, this without using any third party app.

It’s basically using a built in Windows feature as a loophole to make the event happen.

Here’s how it works..

  • Open Folder Options
  • Choose the View Tab
  • Click on ”Restore previous folder windows at log-on”

If you leave an explorer window open at the time of system shutdown, the system will boot to the desktop at startup.

Obviously you can use Stardock 8 to accomplish the same effect. As you can see, the hunger for the desktop app upon startup still remains.

Credit: Neowin.

  • William

    Well, I tried the  ‘Fred 69’ method and it DOES NOT WORK ON MY COMPUTER.
    What is the big deal with starting with the desktop, anyway.

    The Skip Metro Suite does work.

  • Tassy Devil

    Tried it BUT it doesn’t work on my computer either! Better off using Classic Start Menu. This works and has heaps of options. Check it out by “Goggling” it!