It’s remarkable to think that with all the new information on Windows 8.1 (codename Blue) one of the most attention-grabbing topics is the Boot to Desktop option that looks set for arrival.

But when this feature is set to arrive still remains the big question.

Here is a little lowdown for those out of the loop. Microsoft is reportedly preparing an option for its Windows 8 platform that would allow users to bypass the Start Screen and boot directly to the desktop, every time they start their device or computer.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor for now — albeit one that carries weight from a number of reliable sources. But in terms of evidence, no such feature has been found in any of the leaked Windows 8.1 builds that have made their way to the Internet.

Nevertheless, this has caused a fair bit of confusion on when Microsoft plans to introduce this option.

The latest report by The Verge claims that the technology titan is planning to introduce a feature like this in a future Windows 8 update — not necessarily Windows 8.1. If this holds true, Windows 8 platform be in line for another (large or small) update in the near future.

Yes, this is the juiciest of rumors, but as they say, the mill just keeps on churning.

Nothing official from Microsoft in this regard, but keeping in mind the fact that so many insiders are talking about this, it stands to reason that Redmond is at least considering such an option. The only question that remains is that when it will be rolled out.

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  1. When I booted windows blue build 9369, it went to the desktop and a second later, went to metro.

    • Interesting. But in terms of options and user settings, nothing particular has been found that could point to this feature being a regular in the upcoming OS.

      Maybe this is something Microsoft is still refining.

      • Warren Buffer / May 15, 2013 at 4:06 am /Reply

        Doubt it. If they were really planning on putting it in there (as a rescue factor) then they would be trumpeting it already, not partially courting the idea. Oh well.

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