Breathe easy – XAML developers being moved into Windows 8 development team

Those of you wondering about XAML’s future integration into Windows 8 can breathe just a little easier today.

Leaks from within Microsoft seem to indicate that this is indeed the case.

Mary Jo Foley and Tom Warren are both reporting that the Senior vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft, S. Somasegar, announced the changes to the entire developer division at Microsoft.

In light of some of the key announcements that have occurred over the past couple of weeks, some might see this as a very important move.

Some of the critical changes:

  • The team working on XAML technologies for Windows will move to Windows.
  • The team working on XAML technologies for Windows Phone, Xbox and browser plugin will move to Windows Phone.
  • The Client and Mobile tools teams, including Windows Phone tools and XAML tools, will stay in DevDiv.

Apparently all changes were effective immediately.

XAML is the markup language used in writing Silverlight and WPF applications. In light of all the uncertainty (Microsoft silence) about the future of XAML, Silverlight and .NET, XAML developers can breathe a little easier today.