Broadwell Laptops And Tablets Will Be Here By Holidays, Promises Intel

The chip giant has had an interesting few years at the very top of the food chain. With nary a competition in sight, at least in the x86 field, Intel has shifted focus towards low-power chips for tablets and hybrids.

While at the same time rumors of production difficulties with its upcoming fifth generation Core (codenamed Broadwell) chips have been in abundance.

And now the company has made it official that the Broadwell line of processors will hit store shelves before the start of the shopping season this year — there were some doubts that these might be delayed to 2015.

Nevertheless, the back-to-school season is off limits this time around, if this current schedule holds. You win some, you lose some, as the saying goes!

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed that laptops powered by chips built on the Broadwell architecture might start arriving late August and September. While tablet models will follow suit either soon after, or at most, November this year.

Obviously, Broadwell is not exactly a new architecture. It is a die shrink of the currently available Haswell chips, produced using 14 nanometer technology. Haswell chips are manufactured using 22nm process.

Good news overall that Intel will keep their schedule, more or less.

  • Lars

    Looks and sounds pretty great. Is this going to be the big item to buy for the holiday season this year? It seems that way.

  • Emily Williams

    A lot of great products being released this summer. This seems perfect!! I can’t wait to hear more info on it.

  • John Howe

    Seems pretty impressive. I have to believe this is going to be expensive when it’s released later this year.