Browsers Block Bing Due To Security Certificate Issues

Oh no, the dreaded security certificate issue popped up its ugly head once again! This time the victim is the Bing search engine that got blocked by web browsers over the weekend that essentially prevents users from accessing the website through the HTTPS protocol.

As of this writing, users that want to access the secure version of Bing are blocked by most web browsers, including the three big heavyweights — Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Click this link to load up the secure version of Bing and see if it works.

Even though this was first projected to be just a minor issue, one that could be fixed in a few hours, Microsoft is still said to be working on resolving the security certificate problem.

Those of you who absolutely want to stay on HTTP to use Bing can create special rules for Microsoft’s search engine in your browser to bypass the notification and access the website.

Digital certificates and encryption keys may well be unassuming security technologies, but do play a significant role for technology in this day and age.

Certificates are vital to ensure smooth operations for systems, servers and even applications that depend on them. A simple mismanagement or human error can affect millions of users.

Microsoft is yet to release a statement on this, up until now, but chances are that the technology titan will do so once the issue is resolved. We may have more information on what cause this problem in the coming days.