BUILD 2012 – developer attendees will receive SkyDrive storage, 32GB Surface RT and Lumia 920

Developers who are at the Build 2012 conference will receive 100GB of SkyDrive storage, a free 32GB Surface RT and a Nokia Lumia 920.

Both Microsoft and Nokia are going full out to impress Microsoft developers and consumers. “Hundreds of millions of people are just aching to use your applications,” stressed Mr. Ballmer to a very grateful crowd of developers.

Of course we in the press get – NADA, NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH, NOTHING, BUPKISS.

There – got that out.

The mood here seems to be pretty upbeat despite the gloomy (Seattle) weather.

  • Bolo

    lol… Anuora, atleast u already have one… its good thoug that you let it all out.

  • 123321

    appsnumber will increase so much fast than expected. because developers get to know and love the new Windows 8 ecosystem! good idea.

  • Superade

    I never knew Ballmer had a stump for an arm.