Accidents happen. Even in the technology world accidents happen. But not that many are as splendid in their wonder as the recently leaked BUILD 2014 dates. On Microsoft’s press website, at that.

As reported here, Redmond accidently published site an article on its press release site that announced the fact that the 2014 edition of its BUILD developer conference would be held between April 2 and 4. In San Francisco, at that — the exact same location as this year.

The company quickly recognized the error and promptly removed all references, in minutes. But not before others could take notice. And more importantly it means that something big is at play here.

BUILD is a major event, because not only does Microsoft use it to get closer to coders and developers, it also regularly announces new products — this year’s event, for instance, brought us the preview version of Windows 8.1.

Anyway, the most obvious explanation of moving the date of BUILD 2014 a couple of months earlier is that this is probably when Redmond plans to present some of its newer goodies.

Microsoft is preparing the rollout of a major new update to Windows 8.1, dubbed the Spring GDR Update, and the upcoming BUILD event is a perfect place to launch this upgrade. Plus, maybe even some new hardware like the Surface Mini and LTE enabled second generation Surface slates.

The company obviously comments on future projects only when it ready to, but do not be surprised one bit if BUILD 2014 San Francisco brings us a whole bunch of new treats.

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